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Providing Professional Financial & Management Services to Businesses, Organizations of All Sizes! Success Begins With The Right Financial Planning

Legacy Consulting Group was founded by successful and professional entrepreneurs with years of experience managing multi-million for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Their expertise in various aspects of business operations can significantly impact any organization regardless of its size to increase its profitability and achieve its growth goals under precise financial planning and management.

Our Services


Business Analysis

Whether planning to start a new business, improve on existing operational processes, transition into more effective management methodology, or capitalize on future growth opportunities, a thorough business analysis is the first step to evaluate the true business opportunity based on the current financial and operational foundation. 


Business Planning

After a thorough business analysis is completed and the true business opportunity is realized, the right business plan can define a clear path towards achieving the desired goals and objectives, while minimizing any unnecessary financial and operational risks. 


Management Consulting

Once a business plan has been put in place, it’s up to executive management to ensure that all goals, objectives, and milestones are achieved within the approved budget and timeline. 


Financial Services

Precise financial analysis, forecasting, and proper bookkeeping are essential to maximizing profitability and earning the backing and support from shareholders and financial institutions, while maintaining positive cashflow.


Tax Audit, Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services 

Business tax planning is essential to maximize business profitability. Our Business Tax Advisors are always ready to analyze your business financials and create the optimal tax plans that will help your business minimize its Tax Liabilities and maximize on its profitability


IT Services

Integrating innovative IT solutions is vital for maintaining and growing business operations. From Web development to custom software design and implementation, to application integration, utilizing cost effective IT solutions can significantly impact productivity while cutting down on unnecessary operational expenses. 


Capital Investment Management 

Capital Investment is the only way to generate residual income, which is the only way to achieving true financial freedom. Our approach is simple; Minimize risks and maximize ROIs. Our Portfolio Managers are always ready to help you manage your capital investments into Fixed Assets or into different business shares based on your financial goals.


Real Estate Investments Management

Real Estate Investment has and will always be the one of the lowest risk financial investment with high yielding ROI, specially when capitalizing on the right opportunities. Whether you are looking for a new real estate opportunity or you want to increase the return on a current real estate investment, our team is ready to help you achieve that goal.



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